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Mystery Writing Mastery Q&A: Fiction Editor Answers All Your Burning Questions

Mystery Writing Mastery Q&A - Fiction Editor Answers All Your Burning Questions, on The Writer's Cabin

Mystery Writing Q&A

You should all know by now that I have been editing fiction for a long time. Well, maybe you don't know—maybe Google just brought you here for the first time, in which case…now you know.

Anyway, I edit a wide range of fiction genres, but mystery is so popular to read and write that much of my editing time has been spent fixing up mystery novels.

I'm actually doing a developmental edit on one as we speak.

And this client is going to have a lot of questions for me as they always do. Lots of aspiring mystery writers have a lot of questions. Mystery can be a tricky genre to get right.

So, in this Q&A style article, I will provide short answers to those mystery writing questions and direct you to further information if you need it.

I've categorized the questions into various aspects of mystery writing, covering topics from the fundamental elements that make up great mystery to the intricacies of character development, plot construction, and other common issues.

If you have questions about writing mysteries, the answer is probably here. If it's not, add your question in the comment section, and I will answer it there.

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