Updated - October 2021
*Authors please note: Although submissions are currently open for both BHP and our imprint FFF publishing, we will not be reading or accepting any new titles until the new year while we focus on marketing and online presence. Thank you. 
BHP is very strict about adherence to our submissions guidelines, and how well a potential author can adhere to them will factor into consideration, so please read through the following carefully. 
The editors at BHP choose books we personally love.
We accept manuscripts from all fiction genres, with an emphasis on titles that incorporate more than one genre, are appealing to different audiences, and are just plain good. We do not accept erotica or mass market romance, though literary romance with a strong and detailed story and deep characters will be considered. Both full-length novels and short stories are acceptable, and though we may consider novellas, the chances of one being picked up is rare, unless for a future anthology (of which none are currently on the horizon).
Previously self-published novels may be submitted in manuscript form for consideration into our re-release program. Such titles will be treated the same as unpublished manuscripts and may undergo significant editorial changes (contracts will be made to reflect the risks of publishing such work). We believe that many potentially great self-published titles have not been given the lead-time, editing, marketing, and recognition they need to be successful. If you have any questions about this program please email us at 
BHP prides itself in pushing norms both with content and style. Violence, sex, and controversial themes will be considered so long as they add to the plot of a story and are not there for their own sake. 
Note: No matter the genre, themes, or sizes of submissions exceptions will always be made for remarkable works of fiction.
Technical Guidelines:
Please send a query letter to that includes the following information and material. 
  • Author name (and pen name if applicable)
  • Title of manuscript
  • Genre(s), keywords, and comparable titles (including why and how)
  • A short synopsis of the book (250-500 words)
  • Short author bio, experience, etc. (100 words or less)
  • Attached Word document that includes the first 5000 words of manuscript only (or self-published title in manuscript form. You must inform us if your book has been previously self-published). 
Please send your query letter in proper paragraph form and not bullets. 
If our editors are interested in learning more, you will receive an email asking for the full manuscript in digital form for further review.