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Why Show, Don't Tell Advice Might Be Holding You Back: Series Overview

Why Show, Don't Tell Advice Might Be Holding You Back - Series on the Writer's Cabin, Bear Hill Books

Are you struggling with the whole "show, don't tell" thing in your fiction writing?

I get it. Writers read all the latest articles, binge YouTube videos, and even take courses to better grasp the writing technique of show, don't tell, only for editors and readers to come back and tell you that your book is too telling.

In my decade of editing fiction, I have heard this frustration more times than any other.

I slash little red "show, don't tells" all through the margins of their manuscripts and can feel their glaring at me through the computer screen!

Because most people read something that doesn't resonate with them and automatically think that this author must have never heard of show, don't tell before. Amateurs, they think. But that's not true.