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Why Are My Short Stories Being Rejected? Top 10 Reasons You're Not Getting Published

Updated: Jul 30

10 Reasons Your Short Stories Are Being Rejected on The Writer's Cabin

Why Are My Short Stories Being Rejected?

Last time, we explored what makes a good short story good. So to complement that, today, I want to discuss what makes a bad short story bad.

Many writers have been where you are. Perhaps you have finished multiple short stories and have submitted all of them to endless publishers. And chances are you haven't just been rejected, you haven't heard back anything at all.

Radio silence. Which might have left you wondering: why are my short stories being rejected?

Well, hopefully this post will shed some light on why magazines, serials, and other publishers might be passing up your work because you are not likely to get that answer from them.

If you are being rejected by publishers and magazines and have no idea why, chances are, the reason is somewhere on this list.