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In the past, I spent a lot of time freelancing my editing and design service to authors. Bear Hill has been my full-time job for over a year now, but for a short time I will be freelancing my services again!

There is a pet project I am saving up for that is separate from BHP's set publishing program. I am going to be making a collection of mini-books (short stories) in print form, with unique commissioned artwork on the covers. A collect-them-all sort of deal.

Anyway, I want to raise as much as I can, as quickly as I can, to get this done. So I'm providing Design & Manufacturing related jobs, and on the cheap so that self-published, and other independent publishers can afford it too. (Let's face it, being cautious with spending is important for everyone in the publishing game).

So from now until I just can't do it no more, I am taking on as many clients as I can fit into my day for the following services....

1. Typesetting - $250*

Typesetting has to be one of my favorite jobs of all time! For $250* I will fully layout the interior of your print book, hard or soft cover.

What you get...

- print ready pdf of your full book, any trim size you need.

- custom and 100% original design, including line art and special elements where appropriate.

- a digital proof and one round of corrections for free (any other changes after, that are not typesetting errors, will be $2 a corrected page).

* price for books 250-400 pages and under, over will be plus $1/page (anything under 250, I will charge $1/page only)

Check out the images below to see some of my previous interiors... (all artwork and design copyright BHP)

2. Cover Design (No Art) - $150*

This is for those who have cover art, but are looking for a professional design and layout to pull it all together.

What you get...

- 3 design revision rounds to find the right look for you.

- print ready cover to the trim and bleeds you require in either pdf or InDesign format.

- a pdf proof and round of corrections.

- ebook, web version of cover if needed.

*price for a single format print cover. If you need versions for extra print formats, such as hard and soft covers, each additional format will be $50 extra.

Take a look at the layouts below! (note not all artwork is mine)

3. Cover Art - $400*

I make completely original artworks (not stock images). And I can make one for you too!

What you get...

- original art for your book cover.

- photoshop file + any format you need for print or web, in whatever size you require.

- you own the piece and may do whatever you want with it. (I only ask that if you do not make any changes to it, to please give me credit. If changes are made, please don't assign me credit.)

* $400 is for artwork only, if you require artwork and cover design & layout, the price will be $450

Check out the gallery below to see some of my recent commissions and projects.

4. Ebook creation - $250

I'll turn your book into a flawless ebook.

What you get...

- a beautifully completed ebook (not much more to it than that). epub and mobi.

5. Full Damn Package! - $600

If you need everything done, I will start the job at $600. However, if the book is large, or very art heavy, or requiring a lot of corrections, the price may go up from there, within reason.

Email me at and book a spot before they run out!

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