There's Sexy Behind the Mask

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Here at Bear Hill we believe in pushing the boundaries of genre and publishing work that does the same, straddles fences, and presents us with something unique.

But what does that mean for selling those books to markets? When a book can justifiably be placed in multiple markets, which one do you choose?

For books like The Eye of Verishten, which equally caters to both dedicated Epic Fantasy and Romance readers alike, we had a decision to make.

The answer?

Market to both!

Lots of books have wide appeal to many audiences, and we could have tried to tap both markets by producing something like that, but we ultimately thought that trying to appeal to both would end up appealing to neither.

We chose to release the book in the Fantasy Genre and market to those readers. And it worked, both professional and recreational reader feedback has been great. The results are in, and EOV is an awesome epic fantasy.

But we wanted more from the title. We know that romance readers also love the story but some might be turned off by the fantasy-heavy feel of it.

So true to our mission statement, we have bent the rules about marketing books in the confines of one genre.

And rather than push the same product on vastly different readers, we put in the work to make something perfect for each.

The Eye of Verishten: Behind the Mask Edition is a special edition just for romance readers. We have changed the cover, added extras for the lover in all of us, and even have given readers the option to order a version with a personalized page to make it a perfect gift for a lover or a girl you are trying to….hold hands with.

But don’t worry, it is the same great award-winning story!

...Just more sexy...

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