BHP Review Update from Alex

Hello, readers!

It has been an interesting few months since starting my fiction review blog, and I hope that you have been having as much fun reading as I have had writing. You probably noticed that I have a unique take on the books I read, and maybe, just maybe, you are looking for ways to reach out to me and give me all the great feedback I'm sure you have for me (or hate-mail, probably from the authors I have been less than kind to....).

Well, I am here to tell you how you can do that!

I'm always ready and willing to hear your thoughts so send them to my email....

I'll always do my best to reply to your questions and comments.

I have also (finally) set up my Goodreads account a few weeks ago. It is fully updated. Follow me on Goodreads: And check the page every now and again to see what I am reading and sure to review next!

Oh yeah! And be sure to follow me on twitter @GanonAlex

Thanks for your support and keep being awesome (by reading my junk and then commenting on it, yes?)

Have a good one.

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