Alex Ganon Reviews: Rattus New Yorkus by Hunter Shea

Rattus New Yorkus

Hunter Shea

Kensington Books/Lyrical Underground

General Fiction (Adult), Horror

August 21, 2018

Key Take Away: "’s a fun read. A throwback to good old 70s or 80s horror where nothing is taken too seriously, and cliché, over the top imaginary is delightful. "


Rattus New Yorkus. This is the scientific name for rats gonna eat your face!

It also means a small book gets a small review.

A nice little story involving a freshly separated couple (the Jackson's) who happen to co-own a successful pest control service in New York.

By 'little story' I actually mean small, rodent size—a just over 100-page novella. By 'nice' I mean to say it’s a fun read. A throwback to good old 70s or 80s horror where nothing is taken too seriously, and cliché, over the top imaginary is delightful.

As luck would have it, the couple, under a city contract, are obliged to test some new poison that is meant to create a sterile rat population. As all pest control operators with a contract for the city do the same, we quickly come to the conclusion that this new poison has the opposite outcome. The rats breed at exponential speeds and have become much more aggression. Throw in the rats' hive mind-like coordination, and we find our nearly divorced couple in a bit of trouble.

The characters are all a laugh.

The furious doctor, inventor of the failed poison, who’s too smart to admit he is wrong.

The weathered vermin-killing grump with all his wise rat-killing experience.

The take-charge military commander who immediately realizes they are out-gunned.

And the couple, filling the space with banter (poor Chris your ex has a new boyfriend she is hiding from you, I’m sure).

One fail from Hunter I will tell you is that there is not one mention of a “rat king." (For those of you as confused about this as my editor was, this is a group of rats whose tails have tangled in a knot and usually end up eating each other.) This image would be a great one for the writer to have used, especially in a book dedicated to rampaging rats. Come on, if ever there were a need for this image, it is in this story. No big deal, I just thought for sure it would come up.

Like I said, it’s a quick read so the time you spend on this one will not be missed. I suggest picking it up; it could be your toilet book and keep you entertained while sitting those 5 minutes a day. Probably better time spent than flipping through Facebook. Your friends do not post that stuff with the intention of giving your mind stimulation while you take a dump.

Now, if you find you can't finish this book off with only two trips to the toilet please consult your doctor. Or at least reconsider your diet.

Rated 5 out 5 small, dark brown pellets.

Thank you very much.

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