The Eye of Verishten: Just over a week end's update

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So, with just over a week gone by since the official re-release of K.E. Barron's The Eye of Verishten (under our Foul Fantasy Fiction imprint), we could not be happier.

Actually, all of us here at BHP were downright shocked with the great response we got—sales far above what we could have imagined, great feedback from old fans and new readers alike, plus more.

And something else that we did not foresee. A starred book review from Booklist!

"A gripping tale of intrigue, with a fresh new take on a magical world." - Booklist, Starred Review

Check out the full review here.

Not only that, but The Eye of Verishten was featured on a list of best books released last week, alongside some veteran award-winning authors like David Handler and Colin Cotterill. We are just beaming over here, and that explains the sales bump that we just couldn't figure.

Though, I have to say it was a little weird that Booklist never mentioned the review to us, publisher or author, at all. Not even an email. Luckily, Barron is an avid self-googler (that's probably not the best way to put that) and came across the review all on her own while at the Drumheller Dino & Comic Expo. Oh well, next time we know that after sending out a bunch of review copies to a ton of organizations, we might want to keep our eyes and ears peeled for feedback that may or may not come to us directly.

I guess this all just goes to show that when you make a good book that you can be proud of, and take your time getting it right (or as right as possible, even after a few tries), people will stand up and take notice. We also want to thank everyone that went out and supported K.E.Barron by buying a book. You guys are all the best, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. All for now, The Bear Hill Team

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