BHP Official Re-release of The Eye of Verishten

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This book holds a dear place in our hearts here at Bear Hill. Before our little publishing company was even a thought in our heads, members of our team set out to publish this book.

Started years ago by author, K.E. Barron, pushed into motion by artist and designer, Tyson Villeneuve, and edited by Tessa Barron, this book has been both a beloved child and despised thorn in our sides. The author decided to go the self-published route, as many modern writers do. The story came out top notch, but the presentation .... left something to be desired. To be completely honest, the first edition of this book was a head shaker. A black spot on our records, as it were.


- We gave ourselves impossible publishing deadlines that forced us to rush editing and design

- Worked with the wrong printer that left us with very few styling options

- Didn't do a lick of marketing (because we just plain didn't have time, and good thing too)

- And made a world of other publishing mistakes

Even with all the horrors, we knew the story was great and needed to be told, so we learned from our mistakes and went back to the drawing board. Another few rounds of editing, tightening up the language, going to a larger printer, and getting a professional typeset, we had a much more solid product. However, we still made mistakes (this time around, more financial than anything else).

Only a year later, K.E. Barron wrote The Immortal Serpent, her second title. Barron's writing had come a long way since the initial version of The Eye of Verishten, and we gave this title a much more workable release deadline. The end result was fantastic. At the same time, Tessa was well into growing her blog, helping self-published fantasy authors edit their works like pros, and the idea hit us to start our own small publishing imprint, Foul Fantasy Fiction.

We wouldn't aim to publish a large number of books, but we would work with authors to publish the best of the best in indie fantasy storytelling. All writers have a great story to tell, but many do not have the resources to make it happen on the level that traditionally published authors do (goodness knows we didn't, even with a bigger slush fund than most writers have). We wanted to help. Long story short, the FFF publishing word got out, and feedback was great, so we quickly moved out of fantasy and into other genres. Of course, the Foul Fantasy Fiction name didn't work for every genre—Bear Hill was created, and here we are. We are always still learning. But we will never forget our mission to help give writers the skills they need to become great authors. This is why we decided to focus a portion of our publishing efforts on re-releasing previously self-published books that contain solid stories but may have been given an unfair treatment, whether through poor editing, rushed releases, marketing mistakes or any other number of publishing mishaps. We want to give these books a second chance to blow readers away (in a good way). And so we come back to The Eye of Verishten. What better book to give our first second chance too than one we care for as much as the one that started it all?

We did just that and re-released the ebook version only (taking the hardcover and paperback off the shelf until we could do them properly), but just in time for it to receive the IPPY silver medal for Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror Ebook. Reviews are coming in, readers are giving us great comments, and we are proud to announce that the hardcover is ready for release on August 15th with a revamped jacket, beautiful new typeset, and smoooooth reading experience. We put a lot of love into this book, and we believe it shows. So please, do yourself (and us) a favor and pre-order a copy of The Eye of Verishten by K.E. Barron, it is an epic tale with incredible characters you'll be sure to love.

Thanks to all our supporters for being a great lot.

The Bear Hill Team.

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