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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Earlier this week, we bid temporary farewell to our accountant, K.E. Barron, as she departed for New York City BookExpo to accept her IPPY award. Her debut novel, The Eye of Verishten, was this year awarded the silver medal for Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror Ebook from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Not only are we proud to see our very own get the recognition she deserves for an astounding novel, the trip presented us with the opportunity to send one of team members to the largest book convention in North America.

We'll be sharing all the great industry information she is gathering on our behalf upon her return, so stayed tuned! In the meantime we bask in the knowledge that our company goals of unsurpassed quality are already being realized.

Keep up the good work Barron, and hopefully every one of our authors will not be far behind you!

To learn more about K.E. Barron and her award winning title, go to

Also check out the BHP Bookstore to purchase The Eye of Verishten or her second novel, The Immortal Serpent.

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