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Perpetual Check by F. Nelson Smith
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Bear Hill Publishing


“Perpetual Check is a page-turner with a resolution readers won't see coming. It will please anyone who appreciates interesting characters and mysteries that deliver the unexpected.” 

Blueink Review, Starred

“Clever and surprising, Perpetual Check is a thrilling novel set during the intersection between the decline of the Soviet Union and the dawn of the computer age.” 

Clarion Book Reviews

“An espionage thriller that follows the genre's form while also adding some unique wrinkles and scenery all its own.” 

Indie Reader


It’s 1985, and the prospect of getting away from her domineering mother leads Dani Morden to accept an invitation to England from her Aunt Lucy. She anticipates a week of sipping tea, touring museums, and being bored silly. What she gets is murder, espionage, and running from unknown killers who are convinced she has something they want. 

Dani faces dangerous people, hate-fueled by bitter Cold War politics, but to get her and her aunt out alive, she will need to confront the bitterness that festers inside her first. 

Title: Perpetual Check

Format: paperback, hardcover, ebook

Dimensions: 280 pages, 5 x 8 in., 85K words

Published: September 24, 2019

Publisher: Bear Hill Publishing

Language: English


The following ISBNs are associated with this title: 

ISBN (ebook) 978-1-7750741-8-2

ISBN (hardcover) 978-1-7750741-7-5

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-7750741-6-8

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Mystery author, F. Nelson Smith


Florence Nelson Smith, otherwise known as "Flee" was born in Medicine Hat and has been writing most of her life; novels, short stories and poetry.  She has an accounting designation and a degree in Economics from the University of Alberta. After a career working in various cities in Alberta and British Columbia, she now resides in Red Deer, Alberta.

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