Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Editor and blogger, Tessa Barron, has dedicated her professional career to fiction and story telling. With specialized skill in developmental and substantive editing, she makes sure that every book published by BHP receives top notch editing.


In-House Reviewer & Aquisitions Editor

Professional reader, columnist, and humorist, Alex, is on the front lines of what's trending in fiction, determining what will be successful, and most of all shifting through the slush piles to find stories readers will LOVE!


Artistic Director

Award winning artist, Brenda Roath, has an eye for detail and aesthetic that is second to none. She makes sure that every title goes to market looking it's very best. 


Accounts Manager

CPA and award winning author, K.E. Barron, is a rare find. With an eye for detail and killer focus, she makes sure that every dollar is accounted for, and that every one of our authors can sleep easy knowing their accounts are clean and precise. An author herself, she is receptive to author's creative and financial needs as well as the company's and has proven the perfect middle man to ensure we are all happy and making money.