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“With its vivid atmosphere and unforgettable characters, No Straight Thing is a treat for fans of suspenseful historical fiction.” 

Blueink Review, Starred

“Ultimately heartwarming despite its macabre circumstances, No Straight Thing is an engrossing historical mystery.” 

Clarion Book Reviews


In the bleak landscape of Depression era Alberta, war veteran Fergus Muir finds solace in routine until a chance encounter with Cat Perkins, a troubled girl resembling his late wife. 


As Cat’s world unravels, Fergus delves into the shadows of their small town, uncovering a web of vagrancy, violence, and hypocrisy. 


When a seemingly senseless murder shakes all those who Fergus loves, he must confront his haunting past. 


NO STRAIGHT THING weaves a poignant tale where loyalty battles guilt in a world shaped by the crooked timber of humanity. 


Immerse yourself in this emotionally resonant mystery, where the past casts a long shadow and justice is a journey through the heart.

Title: No Straight Thing

Format: paperback, hardcover, ebook

Dimensions: 330 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in., 99K words

Published: January 9, 2024

Publisher: Bear Hill Books

Language: English


The following ISBNs are associated with this title: 

ISBN (ebook) 978-1-989071-38-0

ISBN (hardcover) 978-1-989071-37-3

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-989071-36-6

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Mystery author, F. Nelson Smith


Florence Nelson Smith, otherwise known as "Flee" was born in Medicine Hat and has been writing most of her life; novels, short stories and poetry.  She has an accounting designation and a degree in Economics from the University of Alberta. After a career working in various cities in Alberta and British Columbia, she now resides in Red Deer, Alberta.

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