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I used to read fantasy in high school and play a lot of video games, emphasis mainly on games. First encounter with amazing storytelling was in a game called Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on a hard-to-come-by Playstation console. You read that right—the very first Playstation. The importance of amazing stories became starkly apparent since that encounter. In the coming years up until graduation from University with a bachelor’s degree in Automation, games were the main source of gripping narratives. Upon entering the workforce, the need to create grew so great, that a change had to be made. The choice being, either suffocate the creative drive or attempt to get good at writing. And here we are. Worldender is my first full length published work. So, after seven years of struggles, two and sometimes three jobs at once, and a lot of hard lessons learned, finally, an actual book that can be read!


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