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Fantasy author K.E. Barron



K.E. Barron wanted to be a writer her entire life, but she chose to be an accountant instead. Now she divides her time between writing books and balancing them. She grew up in Fernie, British Columbia and now lives in Red Deer, Alberta, working as a financial analyst and writing fantasy books in her spare time. Her interests are vast and varied, ranging from the aesthetics of eighteenth-and nineteenth-century period pieces to the scholarly realms of evolutionary psychology, anthropology, economics, and religion. These eclectic inspirations are all part of the magic and cultural realism of her fantasy novels.

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Queen of the Skour by K.E. Barron
The Beginning and End of All Things sci-fi anthology
The Immortal Serpent - Book 1 of the Bloodstone Dagger by K.E. Barron
The Eye of Verishten by K.E. Barron
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