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Human Beings by Rachael Llewellyn


"Llewellyn spins out the potential horrors of being a woman into something that could only be at home in an urban legend or a blockbuster thriller, all while keeping the seed of powerless dread which exists every day for so many people."

— San Francisco Book Review


"Prepare to veer between being scared, repulsed and genuinely moved."

— Carly Holmes, author of Figurehead


"A dazzlingly dark and twisted collection, combining elegant plot twists with a brilliantly observed vision of depravity and evil. Proof positive that human nature is ultimately the scariest subject of all."

— Alan Bilton, author of The End of the Yellow House


"A collection that leaves you feeling damaged to the core for belonging to this fraternity of gloriously deranged beings. Impressive and important."

— K.E. Barron, author of The Eye of Verishten


This disturbing collection of short stories lays bare the horrors of the human experience. Llewellyn brilliantly details the damage that we enact upon ourselves and others with an aim to tell stories without compromise that explore the violent and vile through portraits of seemingly normal individuals. The kind you meet every day.


Twisting between the disturbing, the humorous, and the heartbreaking, Human Beings will forever change the way you look at your neighbour, how you treat your coworker, and even have you second-guessing the person lying next to you in bed.

Bear Hill Publishing

Title: Human Beings

Format: ebook, paperback, hardcover

Dimensions: 256 pages, 5x8 in, 85K words

Published: August 2021

Publisher: Foul Fantasy Fiction

Language: English


The following ISBNs are associated with this title: 

ISBN (ebook) 978-1-989071-32-8

ISBN (hardcover) 978-1-989071-31-1

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-989071-30-4

For reviewer copies or media questions email:

Author, Rachael Llewellyn


Rachael Llewellyn is an English novelist. Her previous work includes the Red Creek series (Down Red Creek and Impulse Control, both with Sulis International Press), and her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals. She is currently a PhD candidate at Swansea University and is completing her thesis on trauma and memory in folklore. 

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